The Messiah

   On the twelfth day of the twelfth month of the twelfth year after the great annihilation,
   a cry of the slaughtered Nation came to the Almighty,
   and the Eternal Ruler sent his anointed one to the remnants of the Nation.

   And when he was born the following year,
   they circumcised him, cutting his foreskin seven times,
   so to make a sign of his presence known to the Nations.

                                                                     Moshe Szweizer

The Jewish Spirituality Test

Physical resemblance of a child manifests parentage. Nowadays we call this genetics and interpret in terms of the most elementary body building blocks transmitted from a parent to a child. We assume similar mechanism to be manifested through the children of spiritual Divinity. It is expected that Divine pedigree is common among the Jews.

The following questionnaire is designed to determine which of spiritual genes of Divinity you hold. There are 42 questions each taking about two minutes to answer. The survey is not seeking correctness of the answers but rather your personal views. There is always one question: “What would you do?” in any of the situations described. Answer as many questions as possible.


You work in an office and your boss tells you to write a report. You submit three versions, one after another and he rejects them all in turn. He tells you to make a fourth attempt. What do you do?

You complain to his supervisor of being unjustly treated

You sit and write the report for the fourth time

You tell him that you are not able to do any better than already delivered

You ask a work colleague to help you with the report

None of the above

Don't Know



You decided to search for gold. You purchase a small parcel of land with a stream running through it. You start digging and on the second day your find a small nugget of gold. What do you do?

You hire some people to dig the claim for you

You purchase the land surrounding your parcel expecting to find more gold there

You continue to dig with varying success for a number of months that follow

You make the find known and sell the parcel with considerable profit

None of the above

Don't Know



You work as part of a small team providing project solutions to variety of clients. After a number of years of team work, you would like to establish a direction for future progression of the team. What do you do?

You organize a brainstorming meeting with all your colleagues to come up with suggestions for the teams’ future profile and growth

You decide to employ a consultant who would suggest future direction for your teams’ development

You look at the movements of your competition and try to base your decision on such observation

You establish a cyclic period of a few years when you re-examine your teams’ past actions, decisions and performance

None of the above

Don't Know



You work for the City Council and you are to issue a law demanding all buildings with balconies, stairways and exposed decks to have balustrades around them. What do you do?

You specify exactly the type of buildings, the type and elevation of balconies, stairways and decks the law is applicable to

You make the law universal and apply it to all such structures

You designate an inspector who would have power to decide on the applicability of this law to particular structures

You specify a penalty range that would be applied to anyone who disobeys this law

None of the above

Don't Know



You have suffered immensely in the hands of those people. Now you walk along and see one of their children begging near a shopping mall. You take some change from your pocket and approach him. You ask: “Why are you begging here?” he responds: “My mother has lung cancer”. You confront him firmly: “Is this true?” and he responds: “No” and smashes his hand against his mouth. What do you do?

You tell him that his words are as good as his deeds and walk away

You tell him that there is justice after all and walk away

You walk away without another word

You give him the money and walk away

None of the above

Don't Know



You are invited to an exotic restaurant which serves unknown to you dishes. You are asked to order your meal. What do you do?

You order the same as those who invited you

You ask the waiter for recommendations and accept suggestions

You ask the waiter to explain the dishes and base your choice on the explanation provided

You decide to be advantageous and pick dishes by their name soundings

None of the above

Don't Know



You would like to purchase a house, but you do not have sufficient funds. You would have to take a loan to finance the purchase. What do you do?

You say that you need a house for your family, so you take the loan

You say that taking a loan would take away your freedom, so you do not take it

You say that purchasing a property would enrich you and pay back later when you sell it, so you take the loan

You say that the mortgage repayments would take away too much of the money you want to spend on other things, so you do not take it

None of the above

Don't Know



You are eighteen and very good at swimming. In fact you are so good at this sport that you could pursue professional career as a swimmer. You develop some problems with your ears and your doctor tells you this is because of exposure to water. He advises you to stop swimming or you may develop some serious condition with your inner ear. What do you do?

You learn to become a swimming coach

You continue against your doctor’s recommendation

You reduce your involvement in sport and train in some other field

You choose a different sport, not water related, and train in it

None of the above

Don't Know



You are having your breakfast and you notice an ant walking across the table. What do you do?

You ignore it

You pick it up and throw it out the window

You give it a bit of sugar

You squash it with your finger

None of the above

Don't Know



You work in an office and have been assigned a report to write. Your colleague has also been assigned a report to write and he struggles with it. You boss comes to you and tells you to help your colleague with his work. If you do so, you may not be able to finish yours on time. What do you do?

You try to do both reports at the same time answering questions of your colleague when they come, otherwise working on yours

You stop working on your report and help your colleague

You refuse the bosses directive and continue working on your report

You work with your colleague on his report trying to come back to yours whenever possible

None of the above

Don't Know



You work in an office as a supervisor. One of your subordinates persistently rebels against your directives. You take him on the side and have a talk with him. He apologizes. What do you do?

You accept the apologies and do nothing else

You give him a small pay rise to stimulate his interest in work

You ask him to see a work counsellor

You warn him about possible job loss

None of the above

Don't Know



You work in an office as a supervisor. One day you notice that someone is stealing printer paper. You call your subordinates and tell them about the problem. Next day one of them approaches you in private and offers repayment for the paper he took. What do you do?

You take the money and tell him not to do it again

You take the money and tell everyone that he is the guilty one

You take the money and give him a higher position and a rise

You reject the money and put him on suspension

None of the above

Don't Know



You work as a team member and one of your colleagues keeps on contradicting you. At some stage you think his stand may lead to an open conflict. What do you do?

You refer the matter to your boss so he may sort the problem out

You decide to tone down and keep quiet so to appease him

You decide to give him a fight being sure of your right

You decide to wait for an opportunity to show that your opponent is wrong

None of the above

Don't Know



You are not very well and your doctor tells you, you have a liver condition. He recommends refraining from fatty foods. You are invited to your friends’ birthday and they serve chocolate cake with full cream topping. Your friends invite you to eat it and you crave it too. What do you do?

You take just a small slice thinking it will not hurt you

You recall you have been dieting for the last few days so you may have some cake now

You think that alcohol breaks fat so you eat it with a glass of wine

You recall your doctors’ instruction and refuse the cake

None of the above

Don't Know



You have been working hard for the whole year and now you expect to get a pay rise. When the salaries are reviewed you are kept on the same pay. What do you do?

You launch a grievance against you boss for not giving you a pay rise

You start looking for a different job

You accept the salary given to you and keep on working as usual

You decide to work even harder so that your effort may be recognized

None of the above

Don't Know



You are a parent and you have two sons. They are in advanced teenage years. One of them displays marked practical skills. One day you tell him, when the time comes, you will finance his studies so that he may become an engineer. He rejects this offer saying he does not want to be one. What do you do?

You decide to transfer your offer to your other son

You claim that he is not mature enough to understand and insist on you offer

You accept his rejection and leave it at that

You ask him what else he has on his mind and accept his preference

None of the above

Don't Know



Your friends invite you to a renowned restaurant legendary for its elaborate cuisine. When sited at the table you are presented with the following choices: sun dried mushrooms stuffed with shrimps and olives, baked veal sirloin served with low fat cream sauce and pork cutlets grilled on live spruce fire. What do you do?

You choose the mushroom dish

You choose the veal dish

You choose the pork dish

You ask for plain bread and water

None of the above

Don't Know



You have been eating rich foods recently and you are concerned you may lose control over your weight. Now, you are in an eatery and someone sitting close to you is consuming a plateful of cream and butter cakes. What do you do?

You order a similar plateful of rich desert

You order a smaller sample of rich desert

You try to ignore him and concentrate on your meal

You point to him that eating such rich food may be unhealthy

None of the above

Don't Know



You find yourself sitting with a group of devoted sports fans. A big game is coming and all are deeply excited making predictions about the result. Deep down you do not care for this sport and this game in particular. You are being asked about your take on the game. What do you do?

You admit to your lack of interest

You back the most prevailing group

You encourage those who are in minority

You find an excuse for not being interested by citing some reason

None of the above

Don't Know



It is Sunday morning and you are driving in the city. The traffic is very light. You are approaching an intersection, your speed is 50 km/h and you have about 70 meters to the lights. The lights change to yellow. You think they will change to red when you will be clearing the intersection. What do you do?

You go as before through the intersection

You look left and right to be sure there is no approaching traffic and you go through

You increase you speed slightly so not to be caught on the red

You stop on the lights and wait for the green

None of the above

Don't Know



You drive a lot in build up areas. You think about the 50 km/h speed limit rule. If you could change it, what would you do?

You would keep it as it is now

You would remove the rule and simply require to “drive to the conditions”

You would introduce signs between 30 and 80 km/h everywhere as needed

You would set a universal rule of 60 km/h everywhere

None of the above

Don't Know



You have a dirty garage and would like to clean it with minimal effort. You hire a student and agree to pay him for one hour work. You pay him minimal legal rate with officially payable tax. What do you do?

You pay him in cash and deduct tax

You decide to employ him for more hours so to make the payment larger and you deduct the tax

You pay him in cash and decide to forget about tax

You decide to employ him for more hours so to make the payment larger and pay ignoring the tax

None of the above

Don't Know



A police officer who is responsible for the road safety makes a statement on TV. He says that during the upcoming holiday period the police will enforce new safety measures which will result in reduced number of road fatalities. When the holiday period closes the number of road fatalities is similar to the previous years’ number. Then another holiday period comes and the officer makes another statement, saying that the police have improved the plan and this time the number of fatalities will definitely be reduced. What do you do?

You drive but you are careful expecting the roads to be more unsafe than usual

You expect even more fatalities so you stay at home and do not drive at all

You expect nothing to change so you drive as normal

You expect the roads to be safer so drive more than typical

None of the above

Don't Know



Your car is parked in a parking lot. Your neighbour passes by and scratches it. What do you do?

You swallow your pride and continue as before

You wait for an opportunity and do the same to his car

You take your car to a mechanic to have the scratch fixed

You go to him and make a loud argument

None of the above

Don't Know



You work in a large company and the Managing Director gives his annual speech. He comes dressed in a black suite and white running shoes. During the speech he makes a comment: “Our Company is on the move so I wear running shoes to stress this”. What do you do?

You laugh with everybody and leave it at that

You decide to wear similar outfit on the first Fridays of each month

You decide to wear similar outfit but with black shoes on first Fridays of each month

You decide to incorporate a “running shoes” logo into the company marketing campaign

None of the above

Don't Know



A person in difficult financial situation comes to you asking for some cash. What do you do?

You tell him these are hard times and you are strapped for cash yourself

You lend him the money without interest

You lend him some money with an interest at the current inflation rate

You refer him to the local money lending institution

None of the above

Don't Know



Your colleague tells you that you do not have to come to work tomorrow because of some special arrangement. What do you do?

You call your spouse and plan some activity for that day

You try to join this day with another to make it a longer holiday

You call someone else in the workplace to confirm the information

You decide to come to work anyway to finish some important project

None of the above

Don't Know



You are a team leader and a new employee has been added to your team. You find out that he is a Jew and that he needs to learn the particulars of the job. What do you do?

You put him through a steep learning curve so that he will master his skills in this way

You ask him to collaborate with the other members of the team so to learn from them

You assign to him the standard learning procedures as provided to any other new employee

You design an exercise which will teach him aspects of the job not known to the others

None of the above

Don't Know



You tell your son that on Wednesday evening you will take him to watch a live game. When you come to work on Wednesday morning, your colleagues inform you there is an unscheduled important meeting in the evening and your presence is expected. What do you do?

You call your son telling him you are required at work so you will take him on another day

You invent a story at work to excuse yourself from the meeting

You call your wife asking her to take your son to the game instead

You tell your colleagues about your promise and take your son to the game

None of the above

Don't Know



You have a desk job. Your colleague comes to you and talks about some issue. In the process he leaves a pencil on your desk and goes away without it. What do you do?

You take it back to his desk, put it there and tell him that he has forgotten it

Office stationary changes desks all the time where you work, so you ignore the fact and start using it

You think that taking it back to him may be seen as impolite so you ignore the fact

You think that taking it back could make the work relationships better so you take it back and thank him

None of the above

Don't Know



You have purchased some apples in the supermarket and now you would like to eat one. What do you do?

You peel it before eating

You wash it before eating

You eat is as it is

You cut it into quarters before eating

None of the above

Don't Know



You have applied for a new job and you really want to get it. During the job interview you promise that, if you get this job, you will work additional three hours per week without any extra pay (that is unpaid). Later when you start working you learn that none of the other employees has to work any extra hours for free but only you. What do you do?

You demand that the other employees are treated in the same way as you are

You try to renegotiate the job agreement so that you are treated as the other employees are

You say that you have agreed to work those extra hours so you work like that

You ignore the promise you have made and work the same hours as the others

None of the above

Don't Know



This is your twenty first birthday and your parents have quite a gift for you. They tell you that you are adopted. What do you do?

You purchase a gift for them to thank for bringing you up

You say you are an adult now so you do not need to know about parents

You say that they have brought you up so they are your parents

You embark on a quest to find your natural parents

None of the above

Don't Know



You have been invited to a small function organized by your company’s chief executive and held in his private home. What do you do?

You do some research and bring a gift you think would be to his liking

You bring a bottle of fine alcohol with you as a gift

You dress nicely and assume this would be most proper

You call and ask what you should bring with you to the function

None of the above

Don't Know



You have been working all week and now it is Saturday morning. You have a number of activities you may choose from so to relax during that day. What do you do?

You decide to meet your friends and have a good time

You decide to play some sports with your friends

You decide to do some shopping and relax

You decide to stay at home and do nothing

None of the above

Don't Know



Some people say that drinking at least one glass of wine per day and every day, makes a person an alcoholic. You are being asked for your opinion on such views. What do you say?

You reject it saying that it sponsors consumption of alcohol

You agree with it

You oppose it saying that inability to reject alcohol when offered is a better measure of dependence

You say that only consumption of strong alcohol could classify one as an alcoholic

None of the above

Don't Know



You are a supervisor running a department collecting some data. You have records of 100 shops in the city. These records are 2 years old. You want to check if those shops are still there or have they changed tenants. You hire a student, give him 10 sheets with 10 property addresses each and ask him to go and see if the tenants have changed. He returns the same day in the evening giving you the filled sheets back. He is clearly exhausted and complains his feet hurt. Two of the sheets have only ticks next to the addresses/tenants. What do you do?

You hire another student to check those two sheets again

You confront the student asking for explanation

You accept the data as it is

You go yourself to check the properties on those two sheets

None of the above

Don't Know



There is a tradition that during Hanukah we eat oil frayed potato pancakes. You have a problem with eating fatty foods from which you are to refrain for health reasons. What do you do?

You say that the tradition is more important and you eat them anyway

You say that the health is most important so you skip the pancakes

You eat symbolically some potato chips (fried in oil) just for the taste of it

You say that this tradition does not represent anything anyway so you keep to your diet

None of the above

Don't Know



You are a student and are to sit an exam in one month time. You need to prepare. What do you do?

You buy/borrow books around the subject and read to get extensive knowledge

You work through the lecture notes and exercises only

You check you knowledge through looking through the notes

You spend some time with your friends studying the subject together

None of the above

Don't Know



You have elderly parents and you think they cannot care for themselves any more. What do you do?

You arrange for a retirement home to take them

You leave it to them to decide what to do

You arrange for a nurse to come to them when needed

You take them to your own home

None of the above

Don't Know



You have a desk job at a police station. An accident happens; a car kills two children playing next to a road. Your boss tells you to go and notify the parents of the killed children. What do you do?

You call them and ask them to come to the station where your boss may explain to them what has happened

You decide to call them on the phone and tell them of the accident

You go to the parents home and tell them what has happened

You ask your colleague to go with you so that both of you may explain what has happened

None of the above

Don't Know



There was a car accident and you are to determine if insurance is to be paid. A car entering a roundabout hits another in the drivers’ door (left hand side driving rules). That is, the car that had the right to progress being on the right hand side, has been blocked by another car entering from its left. The driver on the right makes the insurance claim. While investigating the accident you learn that he had his left indicator on when entering the intersection but drove forward hitting the other car. What do you do?

You observe that he misrepresented the information by not disclosing his indicator state, so you deny the insurance

You observe that he had the right of way regardless of his indicator state, so you grant the insurance

You observe that he was to drive safely and not to enter the intersection if it was blocked, so you deny the insurance

You observe that he is entitled to the insurance regardless of his driving practice, so you grant the insurance

None of the above

Don't Know

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